Academic Departments

AcademicsDegree Codes: CP = Certificate of Proficiency; TC = Technical Certificate; AAS = Associate of Applied Science; AA = Associate of Arts; and AC = Advanced Technical Certificate
The General Studies department includes all general education courses such as English, math, chemistry, and other courses.

General Studies

  • Associate of Arts in General Education (AA)
  • Associate of Arts in General Studies (AGS)
  • Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT)
  • Early Childhood Development Technology (AAS)

Nursing & Allied Health

  • Emergency Medical Technology (CP, TC, & AAS)
  • Medication Assisting Technology (CP)
  • Nursing-CNA (CP)
  • Nursing-LPN, Licensed Practical (TC)
  • Nursing-LPN, Evening/Weekend Program (TC)
  • Nursing-LPN/LPTN to RN Transition (AAS)
  • Radiologic Technology (AAS)
  • Surgical Technology (TC & AAS)

Technical Studies

Technial Studies includes non-health and non-general education programs. It includes:

  • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology (TC)
  • Biotechnology (AAS & AC)
  • Business Technology (TC & AAS)
  • Computer Network Technology (TC & AAS)
  • Criminal Justice Technology (AAS)
  • Drafting & Computer Aided Design Technology (TC & AAS)
  • Electrical & Electronics Technology (TC & AAS)
  • Fire Science Technology (AAS)
  • General Technology (AAS)
  • Industrial & Mechanical Technology (TC & AAS)
  • Information Systems Technology (TC & AAS)
  • Internet & Web Technology (TC & AAS)
  • Paralegal Technology (AAS)
  • PC Maintenance & Repair (TC)
  • Quality Management & Workforce Leadership Specialist (CP)
  • Web Design (CP)
  • Welding Technology (TC)


Adult Education
Adult Education contains Adult Basic Education (ABE), General Equivalency Diploma (GED) preparation, English-as-a-Second Language (ESL), ENT, WAGE, and other related free courses.

Workforce Development Center
The Workforce Development Center contains numerouse training opportunities, such as computer training, quality management training, supervis