Without Workforce Planning, Your Organization Could Become Extinct

Workforce planning is a key workforce management step for long-term survival in a situation where workers are aging or leaving, and business environments are constantly changing. You need to replace over aged workers and workers who leave. You also need to adapt to new business environments by getting people with needed skills. Workforce Planning Goals […]

The Importance Of Having A College Education With Accountancy

As with many fields, having a college education can drastically affect the kind of success you have with accountancy. Everything from salary, position, and company you work for can be impacted by the amount of education you have under your belt. This does not mean you cannot succeed without a masterĂ­s degree, but it will […]

The Impact of Sickness Absence Among Workforce

Studies have revealed that sickness absence, from short-term and longer-term sickness, is one of the major reasons for employee absences. Stress is also emerging as a major factor with its impact higher compared to earlier periods. Any absence management program would hence require special focus on sickness absence. Different Kinds of Sickness Reported for Sickness […]

ERP Academic Base

Guadalajara, Mexico 09/03/2007 MicroTec Software We are proud to anounce the first oficial release of the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planing System) Academic Base. The brand new ERP is created for the School Administration en special for all kind of Schools. This special Software include all nececary things for the Administration from Students to Business, include […]